Saturday, 22 October 2011

Make-Up Envy- Vanessa Hudgens

I love Vanessa Hudgens make-up in this picture. It's so simple, but I adore the effect the silver pencil is giving.   It's the perfect pop of colour without going over board, and without putting too much effort. I went and got myself a black and sliver pencil just to re-create (this extremely) easy look.

I'm always nervous when I try something new, especially when it comes to make-up. I tried the silver and underneath the black on one eye before buying the silver pencil, and showed it to Aroosa who was with me at the mall. It's safe to say I was relieved when she liked the end result.

I forgot to apply the silver on the other eye, and later walked around the mall with mismatched eyes. *blush*

Is this something you already do (apply silver pencil, not walk around the mall with mismatched eyes), or is it something you're going to try out?

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