Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

I had read so many reviews and seen so many video's that raved  about the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencils, that after much deliberation I decided to give them a try. My best friend sent Urban Decay Zero from the states a while ago and I got to try it over the Eid holidays.

On special occasions or events (like Eid) I tend to use my Tarte's Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder. It has magical properties! When applied over make-up, that make-up becomes sweat proof and smudge proof. You can try to smudge it as much as you want you, it won't move from it's place. That is what I thought the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencils were supposed to be like. I thought it was Zero that had the power to stay in place, rather than my finishing powder helping it stay in place (I'd applied the finishing powder under my water line). I started raving about Zero. Now, I feel a little silly doing the opposite.

On normal days I used it with the my everyday face powder, and the results weren't the same. I was second guessing everything. 'Maybe something is wrong with the one I have', ' maybe it's melted', 'maybe it's expired' or 'maybe it just doesn't work for me' were some of the things that popped in to mind (I'm the Queen of paranoia).

That's when I did some more research. What I discovered was, I wasn't the only one the pencil wasn't working for (*phew* I was a little relieved).

The Good

It is probably the most softest pencil in the world. As the name suggests it really glides on effortlessly and doesn't tug on the sensitive skin. The pigmentation is lovely, it's a deep dark black. However, it'not the blackest black one can find.

On the eye lids it lasts for a few hours. I don't have oily lids, and any eye liner works fine for me and this one is no exception either. It has a good staying power on the eye lids. (three to four hours in my case).

What I love about these Urban Decay eye pencils, is that they are available in a variety of (mouth watering) shades. Even though these don't work great for me, but when I see their colour range and their new limited edition pencils, my heart wants them all.

The Bad

The only reason I wanted this was to line my water line. I thought since these are supposed to be smudge proof and aren't supposed to budge from their place, Zero would be ideal for me. Well, its not. It hardly stays on for more than twenty minutes (at the most) before giving me raccoon eyes.

 Although they have better staying power on the eye lids, I've read reviews where people with oily lids didn't have a great experience with the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils. One can always wear a primer underneath to make the pencils last longer on the eye lids.

These pencils are not supposed to budge after thirty seconds. I thought maybe my eyes are too watery, and tried them on my hand to see if they smudge/budge. THEY DO! I smudged after more than thirty seconds and they easily budged. ( I thought these were going to be like the NARS or Make-up Forever pencil which don't budge at all after thirty seconds or more).

Final Thoughts

Zero, has been a disappointment for me. It took me a while to get over it! (Yes, I am a drama queen) These are great if they work for you, but there are cheaper pencils who work just as well. (I've found one that works even better). 
The Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils are for 18$, and I was hoping they'd be the miracle pencils they claim to be. They're not. I suggest you either save your money and buy something cheaper or go for Make-up Forever's Aqua eyes. 
If you like creamy soft pencils that glide on like a dream, this one is for you. 

Would love to know if you've tried the 24/7 Glide-on Eye pencils. Would love to know your thoughts.



  1. hey thnks for such a helpful review! =)

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  2. If it smudges that easily,than you are right to go for the cheaper alternatives.Some times what works for everyone else just isn't the right thing for you:)

  3. I felt the exact same way! I bought this for my water line and within 10 mins, it was already bleeding. I highly recommend the Too faced eyeliners. My eyes water a lot and I don't even need to set it and it stays all day on your waterline.

  4. Thanks a billion for posting this! u saved my life!