Friday, 20 May 2011

No Chance To Shine With The Perfect Face Powder

With every sun rise, the hot weather keeps rising in Lahore, and one of the biggest problems that we all face (apart from loadshedding) is an oily face which can be quite irritable when going out. An oily face is one of the things that we dread the most about summers. We had been on the lookout for the perfect face powder for a year or two and yes, Aroosa and I thought we’d found it when we got our hands on the ‘Luscious’ face powder. Both of us have really oily skin and for us this face powder was heaven sent.

It has excellent staying power. It keeps the face neat and matte for hours. We’d get compliments for looking "fresh" even during the hottest days when everyone else's face used to be shiny.

However, there came a sudden change with Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder which we have now fallen in love with. It glides on smoothly and evens out the skin tone and doesn't look cakey at all. This face powder won us over after Sana started appllying it over sun block and moisturizer, the result was flawless light coverage and matte skin. She had it on for hours and there were no tell tale signs of shine despite the sun block and moisturiser underneath. Comparatively, Luscious face powder does not do so well covering the shine when there’s sun block or a moisturiser underneath.

Even though we love the Lusicous face powder which has three colors to choose from for different skin tones which sure is a good variety for us Asians. Our new favourite is Rimmel Stay Matte which is truly perfect for people with really oily skin. The only downside to the Rimmel Stay Matte is that it doesn't come up with a mirror, which the Luscious one does. There is only slight difference between their prices, Luscious Face Powder being slightly cheaper. The packaging of both the face powders is light and secure enough to pop in your bag.

Which is your favourite face powder?


  1. Defo going to have to give this a try!

  2. hey...
    rimmel stay matte in which shade will suit me??
    i have alittle dull complexion??
    n yellow skin tone