Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pride Of The Nation

Lt. Syed Yaser Abbas Shaheed from Pakistan Navy sacrificed his life for our dear country. He led his team to fight against the attack on PNS Mehran. On one hand while he was on the phone with a family member, he went into the Mehran base as soon as he heard the gunshots without a moment’s glitch. As he lead the entire squad with other Navy force militants, he bravely took bullets in chest and was martyred.
The entire nation is indebted to this brave man who gave his life at the age of 24 to serve and protect his Country. Pakistan is considered a terrorist Country, but its people like him who risk their lives proving that terrorism is something we're fighting against. We are truly proud of people like Lt. Yaser to whom we salute today!
May he rest in peace and may God embrace his family with patience. Ameen
Lets all raise our hands in prayer for all shuhada of PNS Mehran. May Allah give them eternal peace. Ameen.
                                                                           -    Sana & Aroosa

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