Monday, 23 May 2011

The Battle of the Brands

L'oreal White Perfect Rosy Whitening SPF 50ml:

When I first caught eye of L'oreal White Perfect Rosy Whitening SPF 15 50ml, I fell for it that very instant! I spared no moment in buying it to have an even skin tone through the melting summer heat but the magic of its 'transparent rosy whitening' did not work for me at all! In fact, I noticed that my skin looked oilier and way too untidy! 

This was sooo not expected from L'oreal at least because my prime concern of buying it was to have a smooth, even skin while the sun is at its peak during the summers. With my oily skin, L'oreal White Perfect didn't do any wonders and did not come any where near my expectations!

Ponds White Beauty:

So now I give my vote to Ponds White Beauty that gave my skin such a flawless touch and I even had that transparent glow to my skin! A plus point was that L'oreal White Perfect Rosy Whitening cost me Rs.1025 ($25) while Ponds White Beauty  with better results cost me Rs. 825 ($14.95). It gave me a perfect matte look that I wanted and one of the best thing that I found was the sheer coverage - covering the redness. Ponds White Beauty truly has those detoxifying vitamins that cleanse your skin to the deepest pores, making you look fresh and younger than ever before! 

If you want a discount, visit Jalal Sons where you will find it at a discount of Rs.100/- less than the original price.

Ponds White Beauty is what I prefer for a flawless skin and matte look!! What about you???


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