Sunday, 4 September 2011

How To: (The Braid Craze) Alexander Wang Inspired Side Braid

I never used to think braids were fashionable-ever! To me they screamed more plain Jane than fashionista! Last year Alexander Wang changed this during his Spring 2010 show. That was last year and this is now, and the trend just refuses to disappear. The braid craze is still going to be big in Fall. 

This season designers tried to give this master piece their own twist by plaiting the hair in to two side braids and loosely wounding up strands for a more youthful look just to name a few. 

Step 1: First, pull all of your hair over to one side. If you want your hair to be behind the ear, be sure to shift the hair in that direction before starting to braid.
Step 2: If you have straight hair, spritz it with a texture spray like to make it look messy. Smooth the top with your hand and start to braid. A typical three-strand braid works perfectly, but the more you experiment the more personalized the look will be.
I don't have straight hair so I don't use a texture spray. I love doing this (well actually asking some one else to do it for me) when I already have beachy/surfer girl waves. With the gel or mousse in my hair it gives my hair more body and volume. 
Step 3: Once the braid is in place, tie the end with an elastic hair tie. Now, hold the braid in the middle with one hand. Then, with your free hand take one or two strands of hair at the end of the braid and pull on these strands of hair. Now gently push the braid in hand up towards the scalp in one-inch increments. Repeat a few times. This gives the braid a chunky, disheveled appearance.
Step 4: Finally, take very small pieces of hair near the end of the braid and pull them free so there is a sort of unfinished, messy look to the braid. That’s right, the look is supposed to be messy, on purpose!
 I usually ask some one to do braid my hair for me. Yes, I'm lazy like that! Yesterday, for a family function I decided to style my hair in a side braid because it was extremely humid. Although I love,love, love this messy side braid, because its effortless and stylish at the same time, I got my hair done in a messy side fish tail braid. Which looked like this:

I love this braid craze!What about you??!!



  1. I cant even make a basic braid or make bow (shame)
    You have an award waiting at my blog:

  2. i love this braid but I can never make one :(

  3. Hahaha! Most of us have the same issue I guess:)

  4. I love side braids too, really quick and comfortable. I also went through your fishtail braid tutorial. Maybe with a little more practice, i just might get it right :D

  5. i really love this style ♥♥