Saturday, 3 September 2011

Style Crush + Make-Up Envy: Pippa Middleton, Kareena Kapoor, Diya Mirza & Kirsten Prout

This is going to be a long one because it's been a few weeks since I did a style crush and make-up envy posts. What does Pippa Middleton have in common with Bollywood actresses and a Hollywood star? They all have drool worthy style and make-up <3!

Style Crush
I don't understand why the world is obsessed with Pippa Middleton. However I'm crushing on an outfit that she had on yesterday. It's très chic, don't you think?

Pippa Middleton

Have you seen the new song from 'Love, Break-up, Zindagi' called Rab Rakha? I love the song and I love all the clothes the girls are wearing. I even adore the harem pants/shalwar Diya Mirza is wearing on the roof top dance scene. I love the colour combination's of all the outfits. They don't look like costumes from a Bollywood movie, they look wearable and trendy!

Oh, and how stunning does Diya look? I don't consider her one of my favourite actresses but I love her make-up in this song (she looks stunning). She included in my make-up envy list.


Make-up Envy

First up on my make-up envy list is Kirsten Prout from the new show The Lying Game. I don't know which blush she's wearing but I'm in love with it. The pictures don't even do justice to how good it looks on the show itself. For the past two episodes I've just been drooling over blush! Does anyone know what she has on her cheeks?

It's such a pretty baby pink shade. I wannnnt!

How gorgeous is Kareena's make-up in Chamak Chalo? She looks gorgeous! I'm in love with her blush as well <3.

My favourite blush at the moment, which is also on my wish list is the one Kirsten Prout has on (who plays Char) in The Lying Game.

Do you agree with my style crushes and make-up envy this week? I would love to know who is on your list. 



  1. That blush looks a bit like Mac Mocha or Nars Deep Throat cos it is quite mauvey. I have some Estee Lauder mauvey/plummy blushes I will have a look at the name! x x x

  2. Awesome outfits indeed :) she's very beautiful!