Thursday, 29 September 2011

Make-Up Envy- Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi

I was going through Hello magazine today, and Charlotte Casiraghi, who belongs to the Royal family of Monaco, caught my eye. She came in second in their 'young style icons of the year' and obviously Duchess of the Cambridge came first. I admit Charlotte is stylish (in my opinion even more so than the Duchess) and gorgeous but what I love about her the most is her simple make-up. 

She doesn't let her natural beauty hide behind all the make-up, she always keeps it simple. She has lightly-tanned skin, a mauve lip and gently flushed cheek, and smudgy black-brown eyeliner, slightly winged at the corners and that is IT! This is her signature look. She hardly ever wears bold make-up. 

This is as bold as she gets.

So many celebrities and girls tend to layer a ton of make-up on and without it they look like completely different people. This is a look I can definitely see myself recreating. It's an ideal way to let ones natural beauty shine through.  

What do you prefer a face full of make-up (eye shadows and all) or a more subtle, natural look like Charlotte's?



  1. You made good points out there! Indeed less is more :D I prefer the natural looks - makeup should enhance your beauty, not hide everything! Lovely post :)

  2. You got her right :) She smoked it out where it needed to be... Nice post
    Sahrish's Beauty Advices

  3. I think Charlotte is the most beautiful young woman even if I didn't know her lineage.
    She has fantastic style of dressing, and she is a serious equestrian which means she
    is strong in all respects. She has no match for overall beauty and strength that I ever see.
    She is a one of a kind and I wish her a long and happy life.