Friday, 23 September 2011

Review: Luscious Blush In Peach Melba

I know I don't need another blush (still here I'm obsessing over three blushes that are on my wish list *sigh*) but I figured buying a budget friendly blush wouldn't hurt. Right? I've had this blush for quite a while now and I didn't get to use it until two weeks ago. I was just wanted to perk my complexion up a bit and surprisingly I reached for this.
The Good

When I first applied it I was pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation. This blush is extremely pigmented! You just have to dab the brush lightly on it and sweep it across your cheeks and it'll do the trick. I was also surprised at how pretty the blush looks when applied. It looks as if you just had a walk in the frosty weather and your cheeks are naturally blushing. It really is a very pretty colour! Even though it has golden shimmer in it, the shimmer is very subtle. The shimmer gives more of a natural glow than a disco ball look. You will hardly notice it on your cheeks.

The Bad

I'm not a big fan of the packaging. It could've been cuter and less....tacky? The blush has a very powdery consistency which I don't like. Also, even though it's fairly easy to blend, it does not blend like a dream. I found that it does not last for a very long time on my skin either. I have oily skin and on me it starts fading after two or three hours or so. 

Final Thoughts

Despite the cons I still find myself reaching for it now and then because the shade is just so gorgeous. Peach Melba is ideal for those who are just starting their make-up collection or have just started using make-up. I find that it's great for every day use or for something really casual. Since it doesn't have a lot of lasting power, I wouldn't use it for formal/special occasions. It's worth giving a try though because it's budget friendly!

Price: 450
If you're tried Luscious blushes I would love to know your thoughts on them. Which one is your favourite? Luscious hardly ever disappoints right?


  1. wow, that's a very helpful post since i just started my makeup collection, and i must say, i don't know how many time i have wasted since i joined your blog, it just came to my notice that you have oily skin too.. and i hope your posts will help me! :) thanks for sharing! totally gonna try this!

  2. it looks so much like Mac blush in springsheen...Mac's springsheen has more golden shimmer...but its a very pretty color...i dislike makeup that does not blend easily.

  3. I tried their one in 'Champagne'. Absolutely beautiful! I feel the same way about the packaging though!

  4. I think it's time I should try Luscious blushes. So many people rave about it, and they are so economically priced. Great review and pictures. =D

  5. Glimmo: I really hope this blog is helpful to you from now on:).

    Benish: I dislike make-up that does not blend easily either.

    Shang J: Thank you:). They're good especially for the price. Could be better though.

  6. Such a pretty color!!
    Reminds me of the lipliner in peach melba by luscious :)

    Here's my blog please check it out (:

  7. thats a pretty color too check out desert rose too I love it for reviews check